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Welcome to Positive Voice Tees Valley

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset; We Love Teesside, there’s no place like it! Not just because of our world famous parmo, our International Riverside Festival or even because we’re only ever an arms length away from the beach or countryside… The truth is, it’s the people; They are one of a kind.

Sadly there are some who live in our community that get forgotten about, pushed to one side and left behind. They become invisible and more often than not; fall into a life of hardship and sometimes crime.

Through our community hub and projects, we seek to give people a stable base. Together, we want to resource, enhance and empower the young, unemployed and disadvantaged in the Tees Valley. We’ll provide free experience and training in broadcast and media skills, promoting education, pathways to employment opportunities and inter-personal skills such as confidence, team building and motivational skills.

We wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves a second, third and even a fourth chance regardless of the mistakes they’ve made or the circumstances they find themselves in.

Will you help us show some love to our community and see lives prosper?

Richie Lee
Founder and Trustee
Positive Voice Tees Valley

I woke up a successful business man and went to bed with nothing.

Middle Aged Man - Stockton On Tees

General Manager

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