You’re preparing to leave college and you’ve got a few choices to make; Do you apply to University? Maybe you think about becoming an apprentice or perhaps you jump straight into full time employment?

Now fast forward 20 years on… How did things work out for you? Whatever choice you made It’s probably safe to say that it wasn’t to end up working on the streets, living with an addiction or having to flee from a country you once called home. Neither was it to suffer with bad health, to be unemployed or to be unable to provide for yourself or your family.

Most of us start out with hopes and aspirations but sadly through circumstances or bad choices, some people find themselves a million miles away from what they ever dreamt.

Positive Voice Tees Valley exist because we believe;

  • Everyone has the right to a second, third, fourth…. chance regardless of their circumstances or previous choices.
  • Every individual should be known by their name and not by a label society has given them.
  • Every person should be respected, valued and loved.
  • Everyone in our community has a voice and a right to be heard.

Inspired by unconditional love,  we want to bring Love and Hope to our Community.